Friday, February 20, 2015

MFRW Book Hooks Participants for February 25, 2015

Book Hooks is a weekly meme hosted by Marketing for Romance Writers as part of the MFRW Authors Blog. It's a chance each week to hook readers on your current WIP or any previously published book. By sharing samples of your writing in a meme, readers will have the chance to jump from one author to another. Here's your opportunity to hook some new readers!

All MFRW authors are invited to participate.
Book Hooks will take place every Wednesday. Join any week you can. Each week, a post will also go live on the MFRW Authors Blog with the full list to increase visibility.

How Do You Participate?
  1. Add your blog link to the list below. You will need to do this on each weekly list every time you participate.
  2. Create a post on your own blog that includes the Book Hooks logo, six to eight sentences from your book, your book cover, the blurb and a buy link.
  3. Also include the linky list code. To get this code, click below the list where it says "Get the Code here...". Insert it into the bottom of your blog post in the HTML window.  For Wordpress use the alternate link provided.  If you have difficulty using the code, please link instead to:
  4. Use a unique post title - don't title it "Book Hooks #1".
  5. Place the Book Hooks logo on your blog's sidebar to help advertise the meme.
  6. Use #MFRWHooks in your tweets or title.
  7. Jump around using the linky list to see what other authors are writing. Leave comments to let them know you were there. Tweet about their post.
What Are The Perks?
  1. Your blog link listed in each of the other participating blogs.
  2. Your blog post pinned on the MFRW "Book Hooks" Pinterest board.
  3. Your blog post tweeted by MFRW's twitter account.
Sign Up for February 25 Book Hooks closes at 11:30PM EDT February 24

Any questions or concerns about the hop (including requests for link removal) should be directed to Kathryn R. Blake at krb_chats at kathrynrblake dot com.


  1. Question: Some of you are able to put the actual list of links into your posts, not just the "Go to Linky Links" line. Is this just by using the "Not for free Wordpress sites" code, or are you adding something to the code when you paste?

  2. I'm currently on Blogger, and it allows you to paste HTML, so I can use the code for Blogger or not for free WordPress sites. Free WordPress sites do not allow Javascript, so they must use the second block of code, which is essentially a link back to the BookHooks site.



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